Tayali Rhodrick

Tayali Rhodrick was born in Lusaka / Zambia in 1972, grew up in Aachen and lives and works in Cologne. After the untimely death of his mother, Tayali comes to Germany and, following an apprenticeship as a craftsman, studies object design at the FH Aachen.

Influenced by the work of his father Henry Tayali, one of the most important contemporary artists in Africa, his painting style is very expressive and emotional. At the beginning still committed to the figurative design language, Tayali finds his own personal style with every new picture.

The essence of the artist is reflected in this ambivalent design of the pictures. In the conflict between his African roots and his European socialization, Tayali reveals his innermost being. Chaos and order, passion and calm, brutality and harmony become the topic. He has created a new word for his art that he calls interspections. It is a modified term from psychoanalysis (Siegmund Freud) introspection, which means something like inside view. Interspections is the inner view between two worlds. Tayali’s works are not depictions of an external geographical reality, but rather forms of expression of preoccupation with one’s own dream world.

Tayali’s “Soul Landscapes” are ultimately about tracing what shapes the “true core” of the personality, namely the very first perceptual experiences of the soul.

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Tayali Rhodrick

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