Eibensteiner Manuela

Eibensteiner Manuela

ART – ME / Manuela Eibensteiner / AUSTRIA

My ART of painting arises from deep immersion

into the magic of colors.

Innocent, alive, pulsating, questioningly….. drawn…leaving traces.

In every painting there is the challenge to convey an emotional world of experience to the viewer. Thus the color becomes an adventure, a risk, a confrontation.

Manuela Eibensteiner : Born in Waldburg near Freistadt.
Lives and works in Freistadt (Upper Austria) Atelier ART-ME

She began her great passion, painting, at a young age. The fascination of colors and their expressiveness captivated her. Besides her work as a tourism professional, she developed a steadily growing artistic curiosity.

Dealing with different materials, playing with color and light impressions
with glaze technique in figurative, impressionistic and partly fantastic representation.
Encounters with trees, stones and people influence the painterly processing
of these impressions.
The urge for more knowledge led her to numerous courses and art studies, with artist friends,

where she was able to learn the most diverse techniques:
from the “old craft” of reverse glass painting, hollow glass painting to working with oil, acrylic and charcoal on various surfaces (paper, wood, cardboard, canvas, fabric, leather…)
She thinks about how to capture nature in pictures. Surrounded by the beautiful Mühlviertel, she draws strength and inspiration from nature and love

to their family and friends.

Here in Freistadt she works in her studio and is happy about the numerous visitors

from Germany and abroad.

Member of numerous cultural networks and artist networks, member of BV Austria

International art fairs : Gallery Steiner / Vienna – Monaco, Marbella, Shanghei

comebeck / DE Luxembourg, Karlsruhe, Cologne List, Art cologne

Representation International : GALARTERY store / Innsbruck

Nominations and Awards

Extract :

Nominee Palm ART Award – Premio Combat / Italy

ARTE Laguna – Fawn ART Award 2016

“Drawing for Peace ” Winner / Caricature Museum Krems 2014

1oo hours of ART – Museumsquartier in Vienna

” Duc de Richelieu ” International Art Prize / Odessa 2015

“Leonardo Da Vinci ” Internal. Prize / Florence 2016

” the Universal ARTIST ” Art- Magazine 2016

“Venice in ART – Casanova ART Lovers 2016 ” Int. Art- Magazine 2016

“Berlin ART Prize ” Honorary Diploma 2016

Participation in the Biennale in Italy 2017

“Milan Int. ART AWARD – ARTE MILANO – Milan / July 2017

Participation at the ART FAIR LUXEMBOURGH / Nov. 2017

Participation in Paris – the Zodiac – a single grain of rice – Paris

Participation at the ART Karlsruhe /2018

ART Fair London – Kensington High Street/ 2018

Parallax ARTFair London

Finalists New York 2018

Finalist Fine ART – Certificate Spektrum MIAMI 2019

Certifications NY Amore week 2019

Finalisti – Certificates San Diego 2019

ARTBOX Project Zurich 2019

Luxembourgh Art fair – comebeck / EN

ART Karlsruhe – comebeck / DE

artist of the year 2019

Species in Barcelona 2020

Species in Roma 2020

ART tourinternational in New York – Catalog & Documentation

Holy Water – with film recording in the studios of NY 2020

Artbox project Zurich and Barcelona 2020

Contact us: Manuela Eibensteiner / www.ART-ME .at / Austria


ARTE Laguna – Fawn ART Award 2016

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“Drawing for peace ” Winner / Caricature Museum Krems 2014

1oo hours of ART – Museumsquartier in Vienna

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