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Anne U. Kerber (50) is the medical-technical assistant at the Clinic for Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology at the Saarland University Hospital in Homburg. There she heads the dermatopathological laboratory. It all started with the crazy idea of ​​combining histology and art. This is a creative type of histology – the science of the structure of biological tissue – combined with modern pop art. When Ms. Kerber noticed that the histological pictures that were created in Pop Art Style liked the viewers, this encouraged her to continue on this path.

HistoPopArt 2020, HistoPopArt Flower Power and HistoPopArt Butterfly are new series of the art form “HistoPopArt” that I invented. Taken in the extraordinary first months of 2020, these new images are also histological / microscopic specimens.

However, these do not come from healthy human organs, as before, but from plants, fungi, pollen and animal tissues. One or the other promising spot can be found in the microscopic preparations. Pictures are then taken of these areas with a camera connected to the microscope. These images are saved on the computer. Now the second creative part of the work begins. The pictures get their typical color-artistic expression through computer-aided conversion. For this purpose, the various possibilities of modern digital image processing are used. There is also a little bit of “magic” involved. This is how the expression typical of HistoPopArt and the brightly colored colors are created. The very filigree pictures, which often look like flowers and plants, remind me of my first great “artistic love”, the Japanese ink painting sumi-e. The so important “white space” is then brightly colored.


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HistoPopArt Flower Power
Posted on 16. November 2020 by HistoPopArt Anne U. Kerber
HistoPopArt 2020
Posted on 16. November 2020 by HistoPopArt Anne U. Kerber
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