Ralph Hübschmann

Extravagant sculptures in wood

To create sculptures with high aesthetic standards is my artistic ambition. To sensitize viewer and material in high quality, the striving for aesthetic form language, the creation of basic values and the search for the perfect aesthetic line are basic requirements. Dynamic lines, symmetry and asymmetry, an exciting, harmonious dialogue. The creation of sculptures, which get their unmistakable appearance and statement through their language of form, extreme surface treatment, fusion with other materials such as: Baltic amber, metal alloy, agate discs, phosphorescence and high-tech.

Ralph Hübschmann

Ash | glass ball | colored | waxed
B. 120 cm  H. 90 cm  T. 20 cm

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Posted on 26. December 2020 by Ralph
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Posted on 12. December 2020 by Ralph
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Posted on 18. November 2020 by Ralph
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