Jürgen Lindne

Lindner Jürgen

Lindner warmth – computer graphics

Lindner Jürgen


I was born in Goldkronach in 1962.
Due to my training as a carpenter and a “familial artistic streak”, I have become self-taught, using a PC to work creatively with digital art.

In my picture galleries I would like to present a selection of unique and expressive pictures from my work with “DIGITAL ART”.

The colorful, abstract and geometric graphics, as well as the representational images are created by me personally on my PC.

While traditional art painting uses various tools such as easel, color palette, brushes, painting knife and spatula, as well as various painting backgrounds, I use as tools for the creation of my images the computer, the screen and the mouse.

The photographs are also my own,partly digitally post-processed images.

Here is the link to my Hompage

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