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Herbert Turetschek

Quarantine art

Artists and social workers are doing badly

There have been many projects in the last few weeks and I’m doing my part 🙂 Yes, if it were so; many artists, like me, cannot afford the artists’ social security fund and so the poorest of the poor fall out again. It will become clear after the crisis: Artists and people in social work will no longer work for free, neither will I and then let’s see: Who will be fun for us in the crisis and who will take care of our sick and old? You will have to adapt to these power politicians! This is e.g. Partly correct with the basic income: I had a transport bus and made trips and built something small for myself, the bus was taken away from me because I applied for / had to apply for help – so I would have been able to take my bus and the basic help to get by together and as an artist: For us artists, the solution would not be the worst. As I said – to want to send all artists to social welfare now is nonsense and impractical. It would be better to find the right solutions right away. The dentists in England show how it is done: if there are no more customers, then just close the shop … Then come the educators, then the geriatric nurses, then the nurses and midwives, then of course the artists who no longer work for lukewarm want … As an artist and as a social worker I never earned much and that has to change and clapping and praising it doesn’t get any better, on the contrary, it just makes us feel ripped off. The other day I observed a scene: A Red Cross employee in Kluft had just come from work and pointed out to a man at the train station that his rucksack was open and that one could easily reach in – he addressed the woman very weakly: So we are, we are simply treated very, very badly and that has to change very quickly, otherwise we will no longer be available and without us artists and social workers … The van came from my Kinderdorf family, which is why I needed such a large vehicle at the time, and by the way, it was my fun like renting me and the seven foster children and the phone and and and – I earned next to nothing at the time . Quarantine art, so that you don’t get bored, I upload a video every day ..

Herbert Turetschek
Herbert Turetschek

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