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Norbert Kretek

Painting – drawings – photography – self-painting – film

My pictures are not beautiful – but “true”.

Various techniques / genres (easiest: look at the homepage)

Here are a few words about my “Seismographic High-Speed ​​Drawings”:

Irritations, ambivalences, crazy, comical and

Comatose, seeker and addict, beautiful and quirky – just people.

With second-pictures from the finger joint, with small, quick miniature drawings, sometimes drawn “blindly”, I am on the trail of the figures and situations, the disturbances and disturbances – unfiltered, unpretentious, unadorned, exposed.

In extreme cases, these drawings are only 2 cm tall. The end result is in most cases an enlarged digital print – partly processed, colored, painted.

Some of these drawings can be found in my video productions / animated films.

( “Zyklus B” here on ARTURUM or on my youtube channel)

With other films, such as “inbetween” (also discontinued here), it is, as is easy to see, another film genre.

Have fun (?) – or whatever – while watching.

Norbert Kretek

Here is the link to my homepage.
Here you can find more artists.

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