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Thomas Henzen Spacetime

What is space-time?

Let’s ask the Creator -:

I mean, of course, the creator of this project … and the answer is: – no, not 42.

The realization of the present music / art / philosophy project was simply based on the desire to publish something that does not follow the well-trodden paths of well-known music genres and thereby moves on a high musical level. The sometimes demanding texts with topics outside the usual musical tradition are not sung, but are given a rational, spoken presentation.

The audio album >Fundamente< is now online for the third year on all major music platforms.

Intensive work is currently underway on live performances and audio / visual material.

Further information on the homepage:

Under the menu item >Videos< there are different versions of space-time – Toccata No.1

and a teaser for the audio album: FUNDAMENTE for streaming on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes and many more

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