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Art Styles Art Epochs
Art Styles Art Epochs

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Art Styles

Art style (see: Art style) or art epochs describes the characteristic features of a generation of artists or artists from one and the same school.


Art styles don’t follow any fixed rules. Some artists who are assigned to an art style adhere to strict basic principles, while others sometimes have very little in common and are still assigned to a single art style.

The division of artists with similar interests and styles is mainly a characteristic of Western countries.


Art styles are seldom named by the artists themselves. Mostly art critics and historians give art styles a name retrospectively. The titles are often funny or even mocking short names.


The affiliation of an artist to a certain art style became more and more important from the 20th century.

In postmodern, contemporary art of the 21st century, it is difficult to differentiate abstract art on the basis of formal criteria.

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