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ARTURUM shows art videos and culture videos on Internet and TV

Here artists and cultural workers can find further information!

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Art and Culture

Art and culture surround us everywhere.
We want to make art and culture accessible not only to those already interested, but above all to the general public. Many people may not yet be able to imagine that art and culture can be an important companion in their everyday lives.



Culture (see: Wikipedia) stands for everything that people can create themselves. In contrast to this stands what nature has created.



Art (see: Wikipedia) is the creative shaping of people from the most diverse materials or with the means of language, sounds in confrontation with nature and the world.

Our aim


ARTURUM would like to take an interesting and entertaining path and explain art and culture in a way that can be understood by everyone on TV and the Internet, as well as arousing interest in it.

Topics and sponsors


Many portraits of cultural workers and their work are intended to give you a deep insight into the scene and show the spectrum that lies behind ARTURUM’s thematic world. The field ranges from valuable tradition to the current zeitgeist; from street art to the old masters; from musicians, dancers, authors and actors to bands, orchestras, opera and theater.

How does the market work and who are the many sponsors, donors, associations and patrons without whom much of art and culture would not be possible? We also want to shed light on this side and thus honor the commitment of these people and institutions.

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