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Y our video on Welt der Wunder TV

Television report

Artists and cultural workers (hereinafter referred to as artists) can send us videos of themselves and their artistic approach, which may be 2 to max. 5 minutes long.
Artistic, innovative forms of expression can also be shown in the videos.
World of Wonders combines 10 to 20 videos to a contribution with a total net length of approximately 45 minutes, in which the most diverse artists are shown.

Welt der Wunder TV

If you wish, we can provide Welt der Wunder TV with your video.
Welt der Wunder will undertake a content and legal examination.
If necessary, Welt der Wunder will adapt your video, cut it, add text and/or music.
Welt der Wunder will decide whether your video will be integrated into one of the next ARTURUM-NIGHT contributions.

Your Video on the Internet

We provide all artists with and the corresponding social media sites a platform on which all videos can be shown after examination.
All formats shown on Welt der Wunder are shown live on the Welt der Wunder homepage and the own YouTube channel (with 429,000 subscribers and 227 million video views to date).
Artists, associations, foundations and companies can also present themselves free of charge on with an own page.

Further Procedure

You create your own video.
You confirm that we may show your video.
You email us your video via e.g., or similar services.
We check your video and put it on the ARTURUM YOUTUBE channel and on


Welt der Wunder will soon start with an on air call in which all artists will be asked to provide us with an appropriate video about their person and their works.
Welt der Wunder will also be launching this call on its social media pages shortly. will soon take over this call on its platform and social media pages.

View and/or download the PDF-file here

Here you can request further information material on the ARTURUM Night.
Here you can find sample videos for the ARTURUM Night.

The ARTURUM magazine is broadcast on Welt der Wunder TV.

WeltderWunder TV

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