Digital Art

Digital Art

Digital art or computer art ((siehe: Wikipedia) is described as the art that can be created digitally with a computer. The artist does not use a brush, hammer or chisel but uses a computer and software as tools. Both – alone and together – do not create art. The artist realizes his ideas with these new tools.

This is named by many artists today after the software they work with. There are for example photopaintings, 3D images, vector graphics, algorithmic art and mixed media.

Photopaintings are created by so-called photo editing programs such as Adobe, Painter, Photopaint, Photoshop, etc. The basis of the work is often a photo or a scanned sketch which is digitally manipulated over several stages and transformed into a new form.

For 3D images 3D programs like Bryce, Dream 3D, Poster, Raydream etc. are used. With these programs photorealistic works can be created..

Vector graphics produce completely pixel-free strokes and areas (drawing with so-called Bezier curves). They are used for animation, comics, illustration and font design, among other things.

Algorithmic art or abstract, mathematical art is the purest form of digital art. Without computers it would not be possible at all. Complex, mathematical formulas are used to generate dynamic forms. These are then colored and digitally processed.

Mixed Media refers to the use of several of the above mentioned possibilities.

Digital Art

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