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Your videos/ports on TV and Internet

The Corona crisis has extreme effects on artists and cultural workers. Nobody knows when fairs, exhibitions and events can take place again in the usual context.

Therefore we give you the opportunity to present self-created videos or professionally created contributions on television as well as on our website and social media pages.

our offer

ARTURUM formats on TV

1. ARTURUM-Night

Artists and cultural workers can send us videos of themselves and their artistic approach, which may be 2 to max. 5 minutes long.
In the ARTURUM-Night format, 10 to 20 videos are combined into a report with a total net length of approximately 45 minutes, in which a wide variety of artists are shown. more….

2. ARTURUM-Magazine

As part of the ARTURUM magazine, 4 to 5 reports, each lasting approximately 8 to 9 minutes, from the various areas of art and culture are summarized. more…

3. ARTURUM-Special

As part of the ARTURUM special magazine, an approx. 45-minute article about an artist, a gallery with its artists, a museum, a theater, a foundation, an association, etc. will be shown. more…

Welt der Wunder TV

Further information about Welt der Wunder TV, its homepage, social media sites, reach etc. can be found here.

4. Internet and Social-Media-Sites

We show all approved television reports and videos on our website In addition, the videos made available to us will be shown on our YouTube-channel and where possible as video or with images or text on our other social media sites.

Register and post your own page and video on ARTURUM

If you want to participate immediately, you can register here and send us your own page and videos.

For more TV information please use the following form

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