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Welt der Wunder TV

All programs such as Caravaning, Digital World, Franchise Me, Green Life, Tech Talk, etc. are broadcast on the Free TV channel in Germany and Austria and on the second channel Welt der Wunder Schweiz, as well as live on the Welt der Wunder homepage. Through the multiple broadcasts at different times, different target groups are reached.

The programs are also shown on their own YouTube channel.

Welt der Wunder TV broadcasts pure factual entertainment every day: varied, sophisticated, informative, entertaining, exciting, emotional and service-oriented (see Welt der Wunder TV).

Welt der Wunder TV – Characteristics

Welt der Wunder reaches about 15 million viewers per month

The YouTube channel has approx. 429,000 subscribers with more than 227 million video views to date.

Welt der Wunder has about 139,000 active Facebook fans.

Welt der Wunder is freely received via cable, satellite, Telekom Magenta TV, via live stream, Zattoo and Waipu TV.

Technical reach 91% or just under 34.8 million households.

Target group: high net household income, higher education, consumption-oriented, recommendable.

gender of the audience: 62% men and 38% women.

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