Dripping Paint Bucket©

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  • Gepe | „Dripping Paint Bucket“ | 2017 | Prototype size 18 x 85 x 21 cm | Paint bucket, red polyester sheet, red modeling clay | Size for the RE: Project on the Eyneburg in Belgium 50 x 2000 x 60 cm
    Signage: „The Red Line Through Art“ | Meeting Point: „Let’s meet at Dripping Paint Bucket in the Guggenheim!“
  • Project description: Drops of paint on the sidewalks lead to the entrance of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Upon entering the reception hall, visitors discover a droplet of paint hanging down and they follow the paint string with their eyes to the paint bucket. The Dripping Paint Bucket installation connects the spiraling levels of the art exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. It is the common thread that connects the beginning and the end of “Art as an Experience”. This simple and charming installation triggers a warmly inspired smile on the face of the museum visitors. A high level of sympathy is awakened. The dripping paint bucket artwork can be offered in numerous variations with different functions as objects in the museum shop. (For example as a table lamp)
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